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Bremen Town Musicians on a Tree


The puzzle “Bremen Town Musicians on a Tree” consists of 8 parts. Animals in the puzzle are whole (not divided into parts, as in a cardboard puzzle). Each piece of the puzzle is painted manually from all sides.

Older children can use the puzzle for their story games, developing speech, let their imagination run wild.

Bremen Town Musicians Pyramid


The heroes of the fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. The donkey rests on a small green base, and the rest of the Bremen Town Musicians, a dog, a cat and a rooster, climb up to his back in turn. The animal figures are cut manually from birch wood and painted with non-toxic paints.

The most perfect pieces for telling the fairy tale.

The puzzle pyramid can be assembled both in vertical and horizontal position. When assembled, it will become a beautiful decor piece for the nursery or playroom.  The animal figures can be played with separately, the possibilities are endless.


Gnome in a Tree


This cute little puzzle is made of a single piece of birch, painted with bright safe colors.  The puzzle consists of a gnome, tree and a bird.  The possibilities with this cute little puzzle are endless.  Tell a story, make the puzzle, you decide.


Hundertwasser House


This gorgeous handcrafted wooden house with a red roof and multi-colored windows is an unusual puzzle for children from the age of 3 years. It can be assembled in a horizontal position or built in height, like a real multi-storey building.  The possibilities are endless.

This puzzle is unusually interesting with a combination of painted and unpainted parts, 22 in total.  Against the background of unpainted walls, the red, blue, yellow and green details — windows, wood, bench, drainpipe and water barrel — look very unusual and at the same time very stylish. 




The wooden composition puzzle “Kolobok” was developed by professional children’s illustrators.

The puzzle is cut from a single piece of wood.

Toys from a tree are eco-friendly, the rough surface develops tactile feelings of the kid.

 “Kolobok” can be used as a puzzle. 

The toy develops thinking: 

  • the ability to see the whole as consisting of separate objects, teaches analysis;
  • teaches to restore the whole of the parts, that is, teaches synthesis.

The puzzle is perfect for play, developing speech, imagination and acting skills.

The puzzle game teaches children responsibility and accuracy: the child needs to assemble a puzzle at the end of the game, placing the characters in their places. 

Little South Lodge


This beautiful piece called little South Lodge consists of wooden pieces of all different shapes. Each piece can become what children wan it to become, the possibilities are endless

For preschool children, the House can serve as just a puzzle.

The pieces are of a good size but are not heavy, the slightly rough structure of the tree is preserved.

"Skazki Dereva" is a manufacturer of wooden toys The History of Skazke Dereva began in the 90's as the family workshop of Michael Maschinets and Iva Derugina in Yaroslavl.
The wooden toys made by “Skazki Dereva” (“Tales of the Wood”) are loved by children and adults alike. The toys are trusted by parents and recommended by teachers and developmental psychologists.
They make their toys from wood, a material which is alive and natural, unlike synthetic plastic. The toys created by the workshop are painted by hand, which makes each one unique. All of their paints are non-toxic. They treat the creation of toys as an important matter, carefully and with love.

The toys are three dimensional and painted on all sides. They have just the right balance of cartoon and realism. They use bright but not aggressive colors which are harmoniously combined with each other. All the corners are smooth, but you can still feel the texture of the wood. The details of the compositions are cut from a single piece of wood and fit tightly with each other.

The toys are designed with child development in mind. For example:
— Putting together a puzzle encourages cognitive development and promotes fine motor skills;
— While playing with the puzzle, the child can recite the corresponding fairy tale which develops speech;
— The fantastic scenes depicted with their toys gives a wide scope for the imagination;
— By putting together a puzzle and breaking it apart, the kids learn about the sequencing of events.

And of course, the toys of the workshop “Skazki Devera" are one of a kind because they design and produce the toys themselves. In their workshop, they are always working diligently to make new toys.