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Dive into the tiniest spa experience with our Maileg Bathroom Bundle! 🛁✨ Transform your Maileg world with a touch of adorable luxury. Watch as the mice indulge in pampering sessions with their own mirror, cozy bathmat, perfectly-sized bathtub, and a mouse-sized toilet! 🐭💕 Elevate their wellness routine with our delightful Wellness Set. It’s a world of miniature charm and cozy comfort for your little Maileg friends. Let the squeaky-clean cuteness begin!

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Bundle consists of

A beautiful golden mirror that fits just perfectly in the Maileg Bathroom & Dollhouse.This beautiful piece is handmade, and it will complete the decoration of your Maileg Bathroom.

All your beloved Maileg mice will need a bath once in a while. This vintage bathtub fits perfectly together with the collection of mice accessories.

Toilet Mouse, a toilet is added to the bathroom assortment. It is beautifully made in an off-white color with a black seat. Seat can open and close, and a pull function in the handle makes it very real and playful. It is perfect in size for the mouse family.

Wellness Set,the wellness set comes with a towel, a bathing hat and a bath mitten. The hat and glove fits the Maileg bunnies size 1 & 2 and Teddy family.