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Sebra Bird and Flower Terry Rattles

£26.95 £20.21

Cute baby rattle set in soft cotton terry with 2 different rattles. Each rattle has their own sound.

The Bird has a sweet squeaky sound
The Flower has a rattling sound

This set is designed to entertain your child, whilst strengthening hand and eye coordination and senses.


Crochet Car on a Ring Rattle

£12.95 £9.71

Hand-crocheted rattle with a car on a wooden ring.

Inside the car is a little bell that makes a sound when your little one shakes the rattle. The yellow car is fixed onto a wooden ring. The ring is half covered by a crocheted road, making it look as if the car is driving on the road. The wooden ring makes it easy for your little one to hold the rattle in their little hands.


Crochet Tractor Rattle

£12.95 £9.71

This cute little hand-crocheted tractor rattle from Sebra comes in a pine green colour and has white windows, grey tyres and yellow lights

Inside the tractor there is a little bell which makes a noise when the rattle is shaken.