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Little Village – Baby Play Mat


This beautiful and fun Little Village Playmat by Ooh Noo is perfect for playing cars and trucks for children of all ages. The mat features the streets and roads of the little village. The mat is made of 100% pure woven cotton with a lining. We recommend using an anti-slip rug underlay when the mat is placed on the floor.

This stunning mat will make a great addition to any Nursery or Child’s room and will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

The little village houses, figurines, bakery, post office would make a perfect addition to this mat.


Singing Birds Fabric Book

£21.95 £16.46

Beautiful and soft textile book with 14 beautiful motifs from Sebra’s “Singing Birds” theme. The soft pages are full of cute illustrations of coloured birds and flowers that can stimulate the baby visually.
The textile book has two different sides, and can therefore be reversed as needed. The most consistent colour is “powder rose” combined with red, blue and green hues. 

Why not use this cute little book in the doll’s bed, the possibilities are endless.


Little Driver Fabric Book

£21.95 £16.46

Beautiful textile book with 14 cool designs from Sebra’s “Little Driver” theme. The soft pages are full of illustrations of different vehicles in the form of a tractor, truck, scooter, bus and cars and bikes combined with little traffic signs and tools. The illustrations are in colours that can stimulate the baby visually.

So many uses for this little book, why not attach it to the pram or use the book as a background when playing with cars, railways, roads. The possibilities are endless.