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Sebra – Doll’s House Kitchen

£26.95 £20.21

This gorgeous Danish-designed kitchen set consists of  various items for the most magical kitchen.  The set consists of a dining table with four chairs, a refrigerator, a sink and a cooker with hob and oven. These gorgeous little kitchen items are designed in a classic and functional shape, making them the perfect little furniture items for hours of pretend and imaginary play.

Also available on the website are the little dolls, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and of course the most beautiful doll’s house.  These gorgeous items can of course be used on it’s own or will be the perfect accessories for any doll’s house.

Recommended age: 3+.

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Doll’s for the Sebra Doll’s House

£20.00 £15.00

This beautiful little wooden family of people and pets will make the perfect must have accessory for the Sebra Doll’s House.  This little set consists of 2 adult dolls and 2 children dolls, a pet dog and and a little cat.

The family and their pets are made out of wood and their classic and functional shape makes them suitable for hours of imaginative play.

A gorgeous set of accessories for the Sebra doll’s house.  This gorgeous little set can of course be used on it’s own or with any little house for hours and hours of pretend and imaginary play.

Recommended age: 1+.

Tested according to EN71.


Sebra Doll’s House -Bathroom

£16.95 £12.71

Bath room for the Sebra doll’s house.

Bath room elements in wood for Sebra doll’s house.

This beautiful Danish-designed bath room set includes a toilet that the Sebra doll family can sit on and it also contains a bath with decorative tiles above it and a wash basin with painted doors. This gorgeous furniture is made in classic and functional shapes and will for sure provide hours of play and fun,

A lovely set of accessories for the Sebra doll’s house, but they can of course be used without the doll’s house.

Recommended age: 1+.

Tested according to EN71.


Sebra Wooden Rocking Rhino

£148.00 £111.00

Wooden Rocking Horse, I Rock, white/warm grey.

I Rock is a classic and aesthetic rocking horse made of wood and with reversible sides.

This truly beautiful and easily recognisable design in the form of a rhinoceros will for certain entertain your little one for hours on end and can help develop motor skills and balance.
The child can sit on the rhinoceros’ back, and put their feet on the two foot rests. The rhino’s ears act as handles and the rhino also has two foot rests and a seat.

The reversible side panels allow you to switch between two colours on the rocking horse. The colours, white and grey, have been carefully selected to compliment the raw wood edges.

Note; for indoor use only.

Recommended age: 18 months.


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Sebra Doll’s House

£145.00 £108.75


This gorgeous Danish-designed doll’s house from Sebra  is made of plywood in a classic and functional design. A fun house with eight windows and a painted pitched roof with a chimney, perfect for encouraging imaginative play, role play and learning. On the doll’s house’s lower floor there are three windows. On the 2nd floor there are 3 smaller windows and a larger floor-to-ceiling “balcony window” with a shutter/cover on the lower part. On the third floor there is a round window.

The doll’s house can be fitted with furniture, which can be purchased separately and can also serve as a decorative element when not in use.

A perfect gift for a first birthday; this doll’s house is suitable for ages 1+, as it does not contain any small, dangerous parts.

Recommended age: 1+.

Les Parisiennes Madama Constance


Bonjour Madame Constance.  Meet the most elegant and beautiful doll.  Madam Constance is part of the Parisiennes range from Moulin Roty.  She is a beautiful soft rag doll and is dressed in a gorgeous black dress and her little bow matches her dress.  Your little one will love her as much as we at The Hoppi Hippo do.  A beautiful first birthday gift.

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Ballerina Mouse


Once upon a time there was a little ballerina mouse looking for a new friend.  Dressed in her little tights, little ballerina shoes and the most gorgeous shimmery dress, she is all set for her dancing lessons.  She comes presented in a lovely little box.