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Hundertwasser House

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This gorgeous handcrafted wooden house with a red roof and multi-colored windows is an unusual puzzle for children from the age of 3 years. It can be assembled in a horizontal position or built in height, like a real multi-storey building.  The possibilities are endless.

This puzzle is unusually interesting with a combination of painted and unpainted parts, 22 in total.  Against the background of unpainted walls, the red, blue, yellow and green details — windows, wood, bench, drainpipe and water barrel — look very unusual and at the same time very stylish. 

Make Me Iconic Healthy Breakfast Tray


The Saturday morning cafe brekkie has changed forever. Gone are the days of soggy sweet pancakes or greasy eggs. Now it’s all about the “Zen” and keeping up with today’s new super foods. Who would have ever thought our kids would even know how to pronounce Kombucha? The rise of healthy eating and Paleo diets at health food cafes are becoming the norm?  It’s all about food that is nourishing for the mind, body and the soul.  And this breakkie tray combines the Australian obsession of smashed avo on sourdough with the healthy eating style of today’s family.

Bring the new normal back to your place with our unique take on the classic breakfast tray. Add it to the kids’ kitchen play set and start taking orders for the queue of hungry brunchers! Constructed from beautiful wood and with a place for everything, the iconic Healthy Tummy Brekkie set will endure through years of play, then can be saved as a memento of our times. Pair it with our Iconic Tea Set or Iconic Tea Accessories Kit to extend your play even more!

Make Me Iconic Tea Extension Kit


Now you can invite even more friends over for tea! Our iconic tea set extension kit sets you up perfectly to host a party of four and even introduce them to something new – fancy an organic Matcha  Tea instead of your usual Earl Grey hon?

Feel like a little spice? Let me brew you a Chai. Want to try something zestier?How about a Lemon Ginger infusi on with a fresh slice of Lemon! Just like our classic tea set, this kit is designed to be a beautiful addition to any play space, with neutral wood tones that both boys and girls will love.

Remember — a good host should always serve others first, and offer the best bickies to their guests. Making your friends feel loved is better than any jam-filled treat! Now pop on the kettle Darl, I think it’s the perfect time for some tea!

Make Me Iconic Campfire


Days of camping are forever ingrained in our minds, as well as arguments with our siblings. What we found ourselves cooking over-and-over again is damper and boiling tea from the Billy Can. Our Aussie Camp Fire set lets you recreate these outdoor memories – in the comfort of your own home if you don’t feel like getting your fingers dirty or sleeping bags wet. And perfectly-on-point in front of your indoor tent or tepee.

We love pretend fun around a campfire and this camping set has all of the perfect accessories to make these memories! It comes complete with tripod to hold the Billy Can and sits flawlessly above the flames & logs. Roast some felt marshmallows using your camp fire stick or try cooking a prawn or sausage. She’ll be right mate and pass me a cuppa.This is our impression of the Aussie Camp Fire with all the nostalgia you would expect and love from a classic wooden toy. So let them open their minds to a good old fashioned Aussie camp fire. Kumba Ya.

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Natural little Noah’s Ark Set in box


Please note the dimensions of this item!

Miniature Noah’s Ark in gift box.

A twenty-two piece hand carved Noah’s Ark set presented in a wooden gift box.

This lovely hand carved Noah’s Ark set includes the ark and a ladder, Noah and his wife, 2 elephants, 2 sheep, 2 camels, 2 horses, 2 giraffes, 2 crocodiles, two ducks, two pigs and two dogs.

It is handcrafted and painted in soft muted pastel colours and would make the most perfect gift.  the perfect little addition to any Nursery.




Little Noah’s Ark Set in Box


This beautifully crafted set consists of a wooden box containing a miniature Noah’s Ark and the carved animals that go with it. The Ark is painted in beautiful soft tones. It has a deep, curved hull, on top of which sits a little house (cabin), with carved doors and windows and a pitched roof. A tiny ladder is supplied for access.

The wooden box which accompanies the ark is painted in matching soft tones,  the lid fits snugly and has a pattern of pale polka dots and a cream-painted plaque, which is carved with the words Noah’s Ark. The lid lifts off to reveal a partitioned interior, containing the Ark, various pairs of animals including elephants, giraffes, crocodiles and cows, and, of course, Noah and his wife. Each item is tiny, the giraffes are only 5.5 cm high, the Ark just over 6 cm. All the pieces are beautifully painted in soft shades.

This set would be a wonderful christening or first birthday gift, but it should be played with under supervision as it is a piece of craft work with some small pieces and not intended as a toy.

Two by Two Naoh’s Ark Set


This beautiful crafted set consists of two pieces.  The Ark and a wooden box containing the carved animals. The Ark is painted in beautiful soft tones. It has a deep, curved hull, on top of which sits a little house for a cabin, with carved doors and windows and a steeply pitched roof.  The perfect christening, first birthday or baby shower gift.