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A unique activity dollhouse to help toddlers have fun while learning their routine.
Move the clock hands & let’s help the bear follow a daily routine!
From waking up to going to sleep, there are lots of things the bear can do in a day.
Playing with this sweet toy will surely become part of a child’s daily routine.

What’s inside?

A bear with a dog lives in a cosy wooden house that has a large wall clock with movable hands, furnished with a bed,bath tub with a yellow duck,
wash basin, table, chair, book, tableware & storage bin
… plus a routine planner!

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MOON PICNIC – Forest Mushroom Basket


Hello mushroom lovers and little foragers!
Beautifully made wooden mushrooms in a cute handmade rattan basket.
Your room or garden can turn into an enchanting forest. Walk around with a basket in your hand, gather little mushrooms for your forest friends.
Adorable for imaginary play and decoration.

Created in a collaboration between Moon Picnic & Erzi

Made in Germany

15 mushrooms in solid beech wood
rattan basket

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Jabadabado – Wooden Dinner Set


Time for a dinner party? Then pick up our lovely food set and set the table in the most beautiful colours.

Included in this little set:

  • 2 Plates in white & natural color with dots
  • 1 Pink cutlery set
  • 1 Blue cutlery set
  • 1 Pink mug with star on
  • 1 Blue mug with star on
  • 2 Spoons in white & natural color with dots
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Jabadabado – Car Racing Set


Compete with your friends and see which car is the fastest. When the gasoline runs out, you can just run it into our car service (also available on the website)

This wooden set includes:

  • 3 cars in different blue shades
  • 1 competition goal
  • 1 practical box with grip-friendly handle so you can easily take all things with you.
  • 12 pieces of road that you can build together with the race track.

The perfect little set to keep your little car enthusiast entertained for hours.

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Jabadabado – Afternoon Tea Set


Afternoon tea, also called low tea, is a smaller meal between lunch and dinner and is usually served between 14-17 in the afternoon.

This gorgeous little set includes:

  • 1 Serving tray with handle
  • 2 Tea cups
  • 2 Spoons
  • 2 Tea bags
  • 1 cake
  • 1 Chocolate ball
  • 1 Serving dish for the cookies
  • 1 Teapot with lid
  • 1 Milk jug
  • 1 Sugar bowl with lid
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Jabadabado – Wooden Hot Dog Meal


A complete hot dog meal for the hungry! With our yummy hot dog meal, you won’t be hungry for many hours. Here is everything you could wish for.

Our Hot dog meal contains:



1 Straw drink with lid

1 Bottle of ketchup

1 Bottle of mustard

1 Carton for the hot dog

1 Portable “take away” package

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Jabadabado Car Service Station


When driving out on adventures it is important to fuel up with gas. Drive your car into the gas station and fill up the tank. Then just go out on the roads. If you need to stop and take a break, you can park your car in one of our nice garages located at the gas station. if you are having car trouble, let the service man fix it.

The car service includes:

  • 3 cars in different colors
  • 2 gas stations
  • 3 parking garage
  • 1 service man
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Jabadabado – Make up Set


With this gorgeous little makeup set, you can get pretty at any time.

When all the accessories are made of wood, you avoid unnecessary smudging. All the accessories comes nicely packed in a nice pink bag so you can easily take your makeup with you when you go home to your friends.

Make-up bag contains:

  • 1 Perfume
  • 1 Rouge
  • 1 Palette with eye shadows
  • 1 Applicator for eye shadow
  • 1 Nail polish
  • 1 Rouge brusch
  • 1 Mirror
  • 1 Lipstick

Wooden Toys

At The Hoppi Hippo, one of our favourite products is our Wooden toys. We love the way they look, their high quality and durability. We stock a whole range of toys in our online children’s boutique.

Plus, we have something for all ages, from babies to older children.

Wooden Toys for Babies

If you’re looking for something a little special, take a look at our toys made of wood for babies. We love these organic wooden grasping rattles from Senger Naturwelt. They’re made of organic materials and to the highest quality, so your baby will stay safe.

Our Wooden puzzles are also perfect for the mental development of your little one. Sebra has produced a chunky wooden puzzle in both cars and birds.

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

When your child starts to develop, it’s wonderful to let their imagination run wild. Which is why we love this Little Village set from Ooh Noo.

You can get a whole range of wooden buildings and people to help your little one create their own world and develop their creativity.

Or how about something they scoot around on with this beautiful wooden scooter by Sebra.

Wooden Toys for Kids

When they start to reach the age of 4 and up, they love to let their imagination grow. So, we love wooden role play toys that help them create their own fun worlds. We have a whole range from Kid’s Concept that produces traditional wooden toys, perfect for all different imaginations.

Is your child yearning to be a doctor, baker or ice cream seller? We love letting them discover who they are want to be with the whole range of fun kids toys.