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Wooden Memory Game

£49.00 £36.75

This old-school Memory Game consists of 16 pairs of cute animals on large, easy to handle wooden tiles. The tiles are made of pure untreated wood.

This game will provide hours of fun and would also be brilliant to use as art cards for little babies.

The tiles come in a pure cotton sack.

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I Love This

Little Village – Baby Play Mat


This beautiful and fun Little Village Playmat by Ooh Noo is perfect for playing cars and trucks for children of all ages. The mat features the streets and roads of the little village. The mat is made of 100% pure woven cotton with a lining. We recommend using an anti-slip rug underlay when the mat is placed on the floor.

This stunning mat will make a great addition to any Nursery or Child’s room and will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

The little village houses, figurines, bakery, post office would make a perfect addition to this mat.

The entire ooh noo collection is designed in the European Union and is also produced there, by hand. What’s more, the team is positively tiny. It consists of a few young designers, painters and artists, a printer and a seamstress. When you purchase an ooh noo bedding, you can be certain it was created the old school way: in a community of people, who create and sell these cute little things because they love to. Hopefully, this shows in everything they do.

Ooh Noo's collection is constantly updated with new and exciting designs and items. Most of them are very exclusive. They only produce a small number of items in each design and colour. Not because they're elitist, but because they have designers who can’t sit still. By the time a series is on sale, they will have already come up with other new and exciting beddings and toys they want to produce and share with you.