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At the Hoppi Hippo, we choose brands that are important to us, create beautiful products and above all have a belief in something more than making money. This couldn’t be truer for the brand by ASTRUP.

Anette Astrup created the company in Denmark after the tragic death of her daughter Marie. Marie died from leukaemia at the age of 19, after a 2-year long battle. While in hospital, Marie used to fold paper butterflies that she would hand out to members of staff, friends and family. Even in her tough times, she cared for others, had a zest for life and creativity her Scandinavian roots.

After her death, Marie’s mother Anette grieved in the only way she knew how. She took Marie’s qualities and nature to create toys for children all around the world.

When you buy a by ASTRUP product, they take a percentage of their profits and donate to the Danish Child Cancer Foundation. So, they can help other families who are going through what they did.

Wooden Toys

By Astrup helps children explore their imagination with classic wooden role-play toys. From their beautiful barbershop set to feeding your dolls, there is something for every child to pretend to be whoever they want.

Inspired by everyday life, they are simple and made beautifully.

Hobby Horses

Race around the house and garden with their brand new Hobby Horses. Perfect for chasing each other and creating your own little world. Whether you want to be a horse rider, a knight in shining armour or just a convenient way to travel between worlds, we love the amazing way that children use the hobby horse.

They’ve also produced a little hobby horse care kit, so your little one can enjoy the looking after them after a long day racing around.

Dress up dolls

One of our favourite collections from by Astrup is amazing clothes they make for dolls that can match your little one’s outfits. These super cute tutu’s and veils are available for both their favourite doll or teddy bear and your little one. Perfect for fancy dress time.