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Modern Monty Ocean Memory Game Cards


Be the first to get your hands on this amazing, modern take on the classic memory game!  The dreamy, ocean themed art work is exclusive to Modern Monty by Brisbane watercolour artist; Amanda Borchers. Amanda’s art captures the spirit of our wild blue seas, with natural, life-like colours and gorgeous Scandi simplicity. The realistic art is also intended to start conversations about the natural world around us.

Recommended for ages 3 to 103; for children and grown ups! The luxe magnetic box makes this such a perfect gift, and the recipient will love playing alone or with others!

Animals included (2 of each):

  • Dolphin
  • Whale
  • Orca
  • Turtle
  • Seahorse
  • Starfish
  • Urchin
  • Octopus
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Narwhal
  • Clownfish
  • Crab


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Colours and Counting Flash Cards by Modern Monty


The most beautiful, woodland themed flash cards you will ever see! 21 double sided high quality, durable, art board with original fine art by Brisbane watercolour artist Amanda Borchers.

– Support your little ones development of early language, recognition of common colours and numbers
– The flash cards are secured with a removable, child-friendly ring so your cards won’t end up ALL over the house
– The animals and botanicals are realistic, instead of digital cartoon images, which is best for learning
– Great to attach to the pram, or for car trips or just for home
– A perfect newborn, first, second or third birthday gift!
– Each comes packaged in a beautiful box

****Please note we are always working on making improvements and your product may have slight differences to the one pictured.

Recommended for 18months +

Similar to books, please do not leave alone with a young baby, this is not a teething toy and chewing the cards may cause small parts and result in a choking hazard.

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Singing Birds Fabric Book

£21.95 £16.46

Beautiful and soft textile book with 14 beautiful motifs from Sebra’s “Singing Birds” theme. The soft pages are full of cute illustrations of coloured birds and flowers that can stimulate the baby visually.
The textile book has two different sides, and can therefore be reversed as needed. The most consistent colour is “powder rose” combined with red, blue and green hues. 

Why not use this cute little book in the doll’s bed, the possibilities are endless.

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Little Driver Fabric Book

£21.95 £16.46

Beautiful textile book with 14 cool designs from Sebra’s “Little Driver” theme. The soft pages are full of illustrations of different vehicles in the form of a tractor, truck, scooter, bus and cars and bikes combined with little traffic signs and tools. The illustrations are in colours that can stimulate the baby visually.

So many uses for this little book, why not attach it to the pram or use the book as a background when playing with cars, railways, roads. The possibilities are endless. 

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Flower and Animal Fabric Book


This gorgeous sensory fabric book would make the perfect activity toy for your baby.  This little book inspired by nature with flowers, animals and insects is just the cutest little book. Inside each page, there is crackle material inside that will stimulate hearing and keep your little one’s attention. There are so many possibilities for this beautiful little book, why not attach it to the pram or car seat.