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Jabadabado – Farm Tractor


Children loves animals and will have great fun with this farm tractor. The tractor holds the most common animals found at the farm. Load the animals on and off the trailer and drive them around the countryside. You can detach the trailer as well and only drive around the truck.

  • Includes 6 different animals
  • The tractor is detachable so you can drive the truck separately
  • A must-have-toy for all kids who love animals
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Jabadabado – Car Racing Set


Compete with your friends and see which car is the fastest. When the gasoline runs out, you can just run it into our car service (also available on the website)

This wooden set includes:

  • 3 cars in different blue shades
  • 1 competition goal
  • 1 practical box with grip-friendly handle so you can easily take all things with you.
  • 12 pieces of road that you can build together with the race track.

The perfect little set to keep your little car enthusiast entertained for hours.

Jabadabado Car Service Station


When driving out on adventures it is important to fuel up with gas. Drive your car into the gas station and fill up the tank. Then just go out on the roads. If you need to stop and take a break, you can park your car in one of our nice garages located at the gas station. if you are having car trouble, let the service man fix it.

The car service includes:

  • 3 cars in different colors
  • 2 gas stations
  • 3 parking garage
  • 1 service man

DK Wooden Toys – Wooden Bus



Wooden bus with passengers inside.  This product is made entirely by hand.

Materials used:    

The product consists of different types of wood,

the basis is alder, to which the ash  letters “BUS” are attached .

There are passengers on the bus that are made of linden

the wheels are made of walnut and firmly fixed

in the body, ash mushrooms .

The whole toy is covered with linseed oil.


Soopsori – Wooden Car Set


Fully customizable and elegantly crafted, this wooden cars play set offers your child a unique and interactive experience. Using wooden bolts and a simple screwdriver, your child will be able to quickly build two vehicles from scratch. Everything, from the base down to the wheels, is easily interchangeable, so switching from an ambulance to a truck or a car has never been this easy and fun before. Your child can even build a tow truck, which is equipped with an embedded magnet that will allow it to lift the smaller vehicle.

Using over 20 different types of wood and coated with natural oil finish, Soopsori products are guaranteed environmentally friendly and all natural.

Kids Concept – Aiden City Wooden Blocks


Let your little one(s) use their imagination to build their very own city with these cute wooden blocks from Swedish brand, Kids Concept.

Children can let their imagination run wild and build their own little city. Apartment buildings, factories, bridges and many other types of buildings that shape a city. The blocks consist of different multicolored shapes, patterns and sizes to create a beautiful urban appearance.

Kids Concept Aiden Service Center


Is it a car wash, is it a repair shop, is it a petrol station?  Wait for this, it is all three.  Your little one can service the car, wash the car and fill up with petrol for the trip ahead.

The car wash has rotating wash cylinders with soft washers that make the car wash feel real and life-like.  Also included are three small repair toys to fix those cars, a gas tank with hose, perfect for filling up those cars with petrol.

The perfect toy for the little car enthusiast.

Wooden Toy Cars & Trains

We have some incredible traditional wooden toy cars that are perfect for all children to create a world of their own. Our range of Scandi Toys are not only beautiful but also made to a high quality to ensure they stand the test of time.

We offer a range of premium brands, including Jabadabado and Kid’s Concept, who make lovely trains and cars for most ages.


Wooden Toy Cars

We have a range of wooden toy cars that are perfect for your child to expand their imagination and have fun with. We love these bunny cars from Briki Vroom Vroom. They’re super cute and can be used from ages 2 and up.

Also, why not take it to the next level with a Service Centre and Petrol Station from Kid’s Concept to expand their car world and keep them entertained for hours.

Jabadabado is one of our newest brands, and we are totally in love with them. They have created this wooden parking garage to keep your cars safe at night.

Wooden Train Sets

Alongside our cars, we also have a beautiful wooden train set from Jabadabado. It comes with a little village, traffic lights and trees so they can build a whole world around it. Also, it is compatible with other major wooden rail brands, so you can either start a set or add onto an existing one.