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Grasping Toys for Babies

Grasping toys play an essential part of a baby’s development. They help them to learn how to grasp and grab. Each baby develops at their speed, but to help stimulate their muscles and other senses, we have chosen some of the best rattles for babies.

Whether you love a traditional wooden rattle to a modern soft toy, we have something for everyone and every baby.


Stimulating the senses

Toys that do more than one thing are right up our street. If a grasping toy has multiple elements that can help your baby develop their motor-skills and senses, we ensure that you can get your hands on them.  We love these Konges Sløjd grasping toys, with soft characters and bells inside. So your baby can shake, rattle and grasp to their heart’s content.

Wooden Baby Toys

Alongside some of our softer rattles, we have also introduced a beautiful range from CamCam Copenhagen. They come with beautiful real wood rings that your baby can easily hold. Also, they have a little sound inside of them to help your babies hearing too. We particularly love the pink giraffe.

Organic Baby Products

If you’re looking for products that are that made with organic products, then take a look at our range by Senger Naturwelt. Their grasping toys are not only beautiful but are made from organic cotton and wood. We love the wooden yarn hedgehog as it’s 100% safe, but also babies love the feel of the wool on their hands.