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A unique activity dollhouse to help toddlers have fun while learning their routine.
Move the clock hands & let’s help the bear follow a daily routine!
From waking up to going to sleep, there are lots of things the bear can do in a day.
Playing with this sweet toy will surely become part of a child’s daily routine.

What’s inside?

A bear with a dog lives in a cosy wooden house that has a large wall clock with movable hands, furnished with a bed,bath tub with a yellow duck,
wash basin, table, chair, book, tableware & storage bin
… plus a routine planner!

Dolls and Accessories

We encourage children to be imaginative and create little worlds to express their creativity. Dolls are a perfect way to enhance this. We have a whole range of dolls from plastic to fabric.

We also have a huge range of accessories to help enhance their imagination, from blankets to wooden tea sets, there is a whole range of beautiful items to bring their world to life.

Plus, we have a range of house and accessories, that look perfect in a playroom or children’s room. Each one is hand-picked by Marina from top brands to ensure high quality.

Fabric & Crocheted

Moulin Roty produces gorgeous fabric characters that are perfect for every child. They have a beautiful ballerina mouse or a whole range of female characters. We also have crocheted dolls and accessories by Sebra, which look as lovely as they feel.

Wooden Dolls & Houses

We have recently introduced our brand new Clique dolls, which are made from wood. Plus, a wonderful mini wooden accessories kit from Make Me Iconic. 

We love our range of houses that are perfect to create little worlds. We love these beautiful wooden doll’s houses and accessories from Sebra.

Babies and Accessories

We also have a range of babies and their accessories. From little outfits to blankets and cribs, there is something for every doll. We love our brand new outfits from Baby Mini-Land. Plus, these beautiful blankets from Bonne Mere are a lovely addition to the set.