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The Stables


This working stable is perfect for grooming ponies! Feed the ponies with a bale of hay, scrub them down after a long day in the fields, and cover them with a blanket to keep them warm at night.

We love this with our dolls house sets, being the perfect addition to Fantail Hall or Dovetail House, however suitable for all the houses, as scaled to 1:12

  • 2 horses
  • Hay bale
  • 2 saddle
  • Brush
  • 2 blankets and a nose bag
  • Bucket with scrubbing sponge
  • Spade and broom



Chicken Coop


Weather Watch


Jabadabado – Farm Tractor


Children loves animals and will have great fun with this farm tractor. The tractor holds the most common animals found at the farm. Load the animals on and off the trailer and drive them around the countryside. You can detach the trailer as well and only drive around the truck.

  • Includes 6 different animals
  • The tractor is detachable so you can drive the truck separately
  • A must-have-toy for all kids who love animals

Jabadabado – Candy Plate


Two tier candy plate filled with 9 pieces of yummy candy pieces. Invite your friends and serve these wonderful candies. The candy plate is guaranteed to be a success in your cafe. The candy plate contains the most common candies. Combine with our lovely retro ice creams and you have a complete theme with both ice cream and candy to your friends. Who can resist it!

Jabadabado – Hamburger Meal


A complete hamburger meal for the hungry! With our yummy hamburger meal, you won’t be hungry for many hours. Here is everything you could want for a hamburger. Of course, it includes both drinking and fries for extra luxury.

Our Hamburger meal contains:

1 Hamburger bread
1 Hamburger
1 Straw drink with lid
1 French fries
1 Tomato slice
1 Cheese slice
1 Salad leaf
1 Portable “take away” package for the contents

Make Me Iconic – Dr Kit


I got a bad case of lovin’ you, as Robert Palmer would say. So next time you need a doctor in the house to save the day, make sure you have this wooden iconic Doctors Kit on hand. Set-up a hospital scene at home and let your child’s unfettered imagination go! This fantastic role play kit helps children to become familiar with medical care, making trips to the doctor less painful for everyone. It also promotes imaginative play and encourages nurturing behaviour and empathy — after all, Kitty-Kat needs some help with her broken leg! We made our kit gender-neutral to celebrate the fact that these days anyone can aspire to be a doctor or nurse.

Inside you have all the wooden instruments you might need for your budding doc, nurse, ambo or lab tech. All pieces are child sized and made of wood to hold-up over time. Make house calls anywhere with our beautiful carry box.

Wooden Toys

At The Hoppi Hippo, one of our favourite products is our Wooden toys. We love the way they look, their high quality and durability. We stock a whole range of toys in our online children’s boutique.

Plus, we have something for all ages, from babies to older children.

Wooden Toys for Babies

If you’re looking for something a little special, take a look at our toys made of wood for babies. We love these organic wooden grasping rattles from Senger Naturwelt. They’re made of organic materials and to the highest quality, so your baby will stay safe.

Our Wooden puzzles are also perfect for the mental development of your little one. Sebra has produced a chunky wooden puzzle in both cars and birds.

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

When your child starts to develop, it’s wonderful to let their imagination run wild. Which is why we love this Little Village set from Ooh Noo.

You can get a whole range of wooden buildings and people to help your little one create their own world and develop their creativity.

Or how about something they scoot around on with this beautiful wooden scooter by Sebra.

Wooden Toys for Kids

When they start to reach the age of 4 and up, they love to let their imagination grow. So, we love wooden role play toys that help them create their own fun worlds. We have a whole range from Kid’s Concept that produces traditional wooden toys, perfect for all different imaginations.

Is your child yearning to be a doctor, baker or ice cream seller? We love letting them discover who they are want to be with the whole range of fun kids toys.