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Wooden Baby Gym

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The stylish, functional and Danish designed Baby gym that in 2016 won the Red Dot award, is made of wood is designed as a beautiful arc that encircles the child and makes playtime on the floor a real joy – both for the child and the parents. 

The Baby gym comes with 8 different toys, such as a mirror, two pretty birds with bells and a cloud with drops – toys which encourage the baby to spend time exploring and learning.

Baby Play Gyms

Develop your babies motor skills with these beautiful play gyms. They’re comfy and with lots of textures and noises, keep their little hands busy.

Plush baby blankets add a layer of extra comfort if you don’t have a carpet nearby.


CamCam Copenhagen Play Gym

CamCam Copenhagen has produced a beautiful baby play gym. With a beautiful, high-quality wooden frame, you can choose all the added extras, so it’s unique to your baby.

We love the peacock with a little bell inside for a delicate sound to stimulate your babies senses. Or the hanging star with crinkle paper to help build their motor skills.

Plus, when they get a little older, the frame also comes with a beautiful tent cover to make it into their own play area.

Wooden Baby Play Gym

If you want a wooden play gym, take a look at our beautiful baby gym by Sebra. The Danish design won the Red Dot award for toy design. Plus, it comes with eight different toys, including a mirror, birds with little bells in and clouds with drops.

Furthermore, it encourages your baby to spend the time developing their brain and motor skills while having fun and keeping comfy.