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Konges Sløjd is one of the original Scandinavian brands that brings together quality and simple design for a range of products that are perfect for your developing little one.

The Hoppi Hippo first came across Konges Sløjd a couple of years ago, while looking for both quality products, but also one that would fit with the ideals of our European driven ideals. They were a great fit from the beginning.

Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, they produce tasteful toys and interior design that bring children joy and laughter. They pay a huge amount of attention to the production of their toys, so they functionally beautifully. Plus, they guarantee the quality of 100% of their products, which is extremely important to an increasingly quality-conscious universe.

Grabbers and Rattles

Our most popular range of toys from Konges Sløjd is their beautiful grabbers and rattles. Each one is produced to be beautifully, but also help the development of your little one.

Some of our favourites include the gorgeous Quro Mini Bear, how is the perfect shape and size for tiny hands to develop fine motor skills. Also, their Rabbit rattles, in both rose and grey are not only beautiful but come with little bells in for lots of fun during playtime.

Key Essentials

Alongside their toys, Konges Sløjd also produces key essentials for every parent. We love their changing accessories that are beautiful as they are practical. Take a look at the Marquis changing cushion, or the matching changing bag.

Plus if you’re looking for high-quality muslins, look no further than their limestone three-pack. Made from 100% organic cotton, they will last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Musical Toys

From mobiles to rolling bears with bells in, sound is hugely important in the development of Konges Sløjd’s toys. If you’re looking for something over the cot to help settle your little one on a restless night, the Clam Shell music mobiles are perfect. Or a perfect soft toy for your new little one is this gorgeous rose unicorn, which comes with a tiny bell inside.

Plus, take a look at their flower and animal book, which has a crackle material inside to keep your little one’s attention and stimulate their hearing.