Ice Cream Van


Here comes the Ice Cream Van, possibly the most popular vehicle in all of Sylvania! Whether is parked in the Village Square or at the Baby Amusement Park the Sylvanians can’t help but smile when they see it. This pretty pastel pink food van has a delightful rabbit theme and is packed full of wonderful frozen treats to enjoy. Serve the different flavours in the cones and add the chocolate toppings, which come in adorable animal shapes so you can create personalised rabbit, cat or panda ice creams. The cones can even be held by your figures.

Remove the driver’s seat and it becomes a bench for your customers to sit on while they enjoy their ices. You can even convert the entire van into a 4-person vehicle by flipping the display counter over and making that into extra seating too. So many options!

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Brand: Sylvanian Families