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CamCam Copenhagen Rose Pressed Leaves Baby Nest

£89.00 £66.75

Cosy and soft baby nest made in organic cotton that will give your baby extra comfort, whilst transitioning from sleeping in the mother’s womb to their own crib. The baby nest has a soft foam mattress surrounded by a soft edge with a drawstring making the size adjustable.

The baby nest can be used on the sofa, in the crib, on mum or dad’s bed or when travelling – the four practical carry straps and the wooden piece at the bottom provide security and firmness.


CamCam Copenhagen Giraffe Rattle Blossom Pink

£14.95 £11.21

Cute rattle in the shape of a small giraffe. When shaken this little rattle makes a lovely sound that will stimulate the baby’s senses. The rattle comes with beautifully detailed embroidery. The wooden maple ring makes it easy for your little one to hold the rattle.

The rattle is delivered in a pretty box, making it a perfect gift idea.


Powder Rose Baby Blanket

£34.95 £26.21

Beautiful, organic baby blanket in the colour “powder rose”.

Beautiful and soft blanket in a nice, tightly woven muslin – a cotton quality that feels soft and beautiful against skin. Use the blanket as a play mat or use it to tuck the baby in the pram on days when the duvet is too hot or when you just need that little extra warmth.


Singing Birds Nappies

£17.95 £13.46

A gorgeous bundle consisting of three ultra-soft flat nappies made from organic cotton. Two of the flat nappies are uni-coloured while the third features print from the “Singing Birds” theme.
Use the flat nappies for breast-feeding, on-the-go changing mats or as a security blanket or swaddling clothes. The flat nappy can also be used as a bib or as a protective bandana in the sunshine.