Boho Townhouse from the Heart

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Tenement House from the Heart – it is a shelf of wonderful natural beauty!!

Ladder, heart, magic door, just Magical.

You can attach a second ladder to the tenement house and climb up to the moon or place it wherever you want.

It will be great for a flat for mice, dolls, figurines or even cars.

Made with attention to detail for people who like originality and quality.

A beautiful decoration for the Nursery.

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I Love This


Pleasing to the eye, a natural element of the room.

The shelf is made of plywood with a thickness of 4 mm.


The depth of the shelves is 5 cm.

The tenement house is 51 cm high and 28 cm wide.

The shelf should be attached to the wall with dowels.

We do not send these because they are selected individually and we want to leave you the choice.

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