Fruit Wagon


A wagon for selling lots of fresh, paw-picked fruit. Write the day’s recommendations on a sign and remember to unload the crates of fruit from the back of the wagon to set up your stall. With a rainbow of nine different fruits, the Fruit Wagon stocks only the freshest of produce and is the place to get your miniatures their five a day. Weigh purchases using the scales provided and write the recommendations of the day on the sign out front, don’t forget to pop everything back in the boxes at the end of the day.

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Brand: Sylvanian Families

Not suitable for children under the age of 4


Scale basket
Box A
Box B
Box C x 2
Bunch of bananas x 4
Orange x 5
Apple x 4
Bunch of grapes x 3
Lemon x 3
Pear x 2
Bunch of raspberries
Bunch of blueberries