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Skazki Dereva – Bremen Town Musicians


This gorgeous puzzle is cut from a whole piece of wood., The puzzle “Bremen Town Musicians on a Tree” consists of 8 parts. Animals in the composition are whole (not divided into parts, as in a cardboard puzzle), artistically finished figures and are a complete play material. Each element of the puzzle is painted by our artists manually from all sides.

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The wooden composition puzzle “Kolobok” was developed by professional children’s illustrators.

The puzzle is cut from a single piece of wood.

Toys from a tree are eco-friendly, the rough surface develops tactile feelings of the kid.

 “Kolobok” can be used as a puzzle. 

The toy develops thinking: 

  • the ability to see the whole as consisting of separate objects, teaches analysis;
  • teaches to restore the whole of the parts, that is, teaches synthesis.

The puzzle is perfect for play, developing speech, imagination and acting skills.

The puzzle game teaches children responsibility and accuracy: the child needs to assemble a puzzle at the end of the game, placing the characters in their places. 

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Magic Wild Geese Stove


The fairy-tale composition “Geese-swans and a stove” is cut from a single, dense piece of birch. The faces of the children in the puzzle are not drawn, leaving space for the imagination.

Assembling a puzzle activates the logical thinking of a child, stimulates analytical skills. In addition, all the details of the puzzle are a full-fledged game material with which the child can play.

Created by Joanna and Leo, Briki Vroom Vroom is a French poetic brand offering a large variety of home décor, toys and stationery products. From their “champignons de Paris” toys to their bunnies, all products are made from high-quality materials: beech wood, alder wood or maple wood and hand-painted in the sweetest shades.