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Natural little Noah’s Ark Set in box


Please note the dimensions of this item!

Miniature Noah’s Ark in gift box.

A twenty-two piece hand carved Noah’s Ark set presented in a wooden gift box.

This lovely hand carved Noah’s Ark set includes the ark and a ladder, Noah and his wife, 2 elephants, 2 sheep, 2 camels, 2 horses, 2 giraffes, 2 crocodiles, two ducks, two pigs and two dogs.

It is handcrafted and painted in soft muted pastel colours and would make the most perfect gift.  the perfect little addition to any Nursery.




Little Noah’s Ark Set in Box


This beautifully crafted set consists of a wooden box containing a miniature Noah’s Ark and the carved animals that go with it. The Ark is painted in beautiful soft tones. It has a deep, curved hull, on top of which sits a little house (cabin), with carved doors and windows and a pitched roof. A tiny ladder is supplied for access.

The wooden box which accompanies the ark is painted in matching soft tones,  the lid fits snugly and has a pattern of pale polka dots and a cream-painted plaque, which is carved with the words Noah’s Ark. The lid lifts off to reveal a partitioned interior, containing the Ark, various pairs of animals including elephants, giraffes, crocodiles and cows, and, of course, Noah and his wife. Each item is tiny, the giraffes are only 5.5 cm high, the Ark just over 6 cm. All the pieces are beautifully painted in soft shades.

This set would be a wonderful christening or first birthday gift, but it should be played with under supervision as it is a piece of craft work with some small pieces and not intended as a toy.

Two by Two Naoh’s Ark Set


This beautiful crafted set consists of two pieces.  The Ark and a wooden box containing the carved animals. The Ark is painted in beautiful soft tones. It has a deep, curved hull, on top of which sits a little house for a cabin, with carved doors and windows and a steeply pitched roof.  The perfect christening, first birthday or baby shower gift.

Natural large Noah’s Ark Set


This stunning set depicts the traditional tale of Noah and his Ark and is full of intricate details and the most beautiful colours. With each piece individually carved and painted in soft, neutral tones.

This set  includes all of the animals ranging from sheep to zebras.  The wooden arc comes in 2 pieces.  This beautiful set would make the perfect first birthday or Christening gift.  Please note that this gorgeous item contains small pieces and it should be played with under supervision of an adult.  This gorgeous item is a real statement piece and will look stunning in any nursery or playroom.

Noah’s Ark Set bagged


The animals went in “Two by Two”.  The story of Noah’s Ark is a well-loved traditional tale.  This gorgeous little wooden set  includes 3 pairs of animals.  2 elephants, 2 pigs and 2 camels.  The perfect little addition for the Nursery, newborn baby gift or as a special gift for your little one.  Please take note of the dimensions of this item